Our History

DVL Smith: 25 years of thought leadership

DVL Smith was founded 25 years ago. The agency became part of a marketing communications group in 2000 but re-launched in 2007 as an independently owned agency. Today we operate from a strong platform of technical excellence, whilst embracing the latest methodologies and technologies.

Our reputation for thought leadership is reflected in our most recent awards: we won the Best Paper Award at the 2013 ESOMAR Congress and the Best Workshop Award at the 2013 MRS Conference, and in 2012, we won the Business Intelligence Group Best Paper Award.

We are in the vanguard of creative problem solving

The history of DVL Smith has been characterised by our holistic approach to research. We are skilled in qualitative and quantitative research methods and are expert business consultants.

David Smith is the author of The Art and Science of interpreting market research evidence (published by John Wiley).