Industry Expertise

Our breadth of experience allows us to successfully work across a variety of sectors including:


In the business-to-business sector, we have undertaken projects on a wide variety of assignments, including: how a business loyalty points organisation should engage with SMEs; how a leading retail bank should build credibility and authenticity with SMEs; how a major distribution organisation can best meet the needs of large companies looking for leading-edge logistics and delivery solutions; and how a major international insurance company should engage with brokers and other key organisation stakeholders.

We undertake B2B assignments around the world.

Financial Services

DVL Smith was a pioneer in recognising that consumers’ attitudes towards financial products pivoted around their emotional, not just rational, needs.

Over the years, we have undertaken a wide range of qualitative and quantitative studies to explore decisions made around, for example, buying retail banking products, obtaining mortgages or buying health insurance policies. We look to explain complex issues, such as consumer perceptions of the effect of family medical histories on the pricing of insurance policies.


We have undertaken research and consultancy projects for over 20 UK universities, together with assignments for universities in the USA.

We have worked on a wide range of marketing challenges including: enhancing the student’s experience; developing innovative curricula; building the role played by alumni; and strategic projects examining how best to reposition a university in what is an increasingly competitive market place.

Dr David Smith, Director of DVL Smith, is also a Professor at the University of Hertfordshire Business School and is closely involved with teaching on the University’s MBA Entrepreneurial programme.

Social and public sector

Since it was founded, DVL Smith has undertaken projects for a number of government departments, local authorities, consumer representative bodies and charities on a wide range of issues.

We recently completed an evaluation on how to enhance the customer insight function for a major charity and undertook a study looking at the implications on local communities of the closure of rural Post Offices.

Pharmaceutical and healthcare

We have undertaken projects for a number of pharmaceutical, Medical equipment and healthcare providers. These have included research with Consultants and GPs on developing effective communications with patients on new products. We have also explored the needs of surgeons in terms of operating theatre equipment.

Consumer goods

We have undertaken projects for major FMCG suppliers and also for the newspaper industry. These have explored a range of issues from branding to packaging and pricing.