Insights into Action: How to be an Influential Customer Insight Professional

Transforming the ability to make sense of data, tell the insight story and make insights count

What this capability building programme will achieve …

We help customer insight professionals become more influential in delivering evidence-based insights that will build their organisation’s growth and profitability.

The programme builds and enhances three core skills:

– How to find the insight story from a wide range of insight data sources by applying our Seven Analysis Frames.
– How to construct compelling insight narratives by applying our Seven Story Tools – knowing which story structures will be most effective in getting over your message.
– How to ensure your insights are actioned by applying our Seven Enabling Techniques for creating insight solutions for stakeholders.

The options for delivering the programme include:

– Interactive face-to-face workshops
– An online programme
– Coaching support

We can design a programme that meets the needs of your organisation.

If you would like further information about the programme, please contact David Smith