The Insight Sensemaker, The Insight Storyteller, The Insight Influencer

Three programmes to transform customer insight professionals’ ability to make sense of data, tell the insight story and make insights count

The Insight Sensemaker

How to make sense of customer insight evidence
Using our Seven Frames analysis approach, this programme builds the ability to examine insight evidence in a holistic way to identify strategic opportunities.
The programme is for newcomers to insight seeking to go beyond data analysis and build their Sensemaking capabilities.

The Insight Storyteller

How to construct engaging insight narratives
Using our Seven Story Tools approach, this programme provides participants with the skill to transform insight evidence into a narrative that brings the insight story alive.
The programme is for customer insight professionals who want to take their ability to create an engaging story to the next level.

The Insight Influencer

How to ensure powerful customer insights are actioned
Using Seven Consultancy Strategies, we provide the skills needed to ensure critical insights are actioned by stakeholders.
The programme is for experienced customer insight professionals seeking to go to the next level in turning insights into action.

The delivery options for each programme:

– Face-to-face workshops
– A three-hour webinar
– One-to-one coaching sessions either face-to-face or online

What we offer within each programme

– Presentation slides with key principles, actions and Your Best Next Move
– A 100+ page handbook
– Templates and worksheets for applying the learnings to future projects

Tailored programmes for your needs

Why not talk to us about how we can tailor each of our programmes to your organisation’s needs

If you would like further information about the programme, please contact David Smith