The High Performance Customer Insight Professional

Transform customer insight professionals’ ability to make sense of data, build the insight story and turn insights into action

DVL Smith builds the skills needed for the new insight based on his new book The High Performance Customer Insight Professional: How to make sense of the evidence, build the story and turn insights into action.

The programme is designed to transform the way insight professionals identify and seize strategic business opportunities by powering up the rigor and creativity of their analysis of consumer trends and feedback. Our programme seeks to put insight professionals at the heart of seizing and delivering customer inspired insights that will drive business growth and help the organisation manage disruption and change. Our programme focuses on transforming three key capability skillsets.

The Insight Sensemaker – How to Make Sense of the Insight Evidence

Seven Analysis Frames for finding the story

Being a sensemaker able to make sense of multiple sources of evidence is critical in identifying business opportunities. This is about identifying strategic foresights – providing the capability to move beyond reactive and tactical issues to being the wide angle lens of the organisation. It is about being in the vanguard of futureproofing the business strategy. We achieve this by taking participants through our Seven Analysis Frames approach to the holistic analysis of insight data sources. Sensemaking goes beyond data analysis – it is about being able to see the big business picture and fashion strategic foresights from complex evidence sources.

The Insight Story Builder – How to construct engaging customer insight narratives

Seven Story Tools for telling the story

Storytelling is vital in communicating opportunities. We show how to communicate the potential of an insight and business opportunity using compelling storytelling techniques. This is about making sure stakeholders recognise the commercial value of the opportunity. We build the insight storyteller capability by taking participants through our proven Seven Story Tools framework for constructing the presentation of business opportunities in a way that will register with stakeholders.

Insights into Action – How to make sure customer insights are actioned

Consultative Strategies for high performance

High performance consultancy skills are required to land opportunities. It is important to be in the results business by following through on insight inspired ideas. We know that some winning insights will meet resistance, fail to overcome barriers and fall by the wayside. We provide a practical guide to acquiring the habits of the high performance customer insight professional. This is someone who is able to elegantly frame the decision choices for stakeholders, guide them through the implementation process and address any barriers that stand in the way of developing a business opportunity. The emphasis is on cultivating the high energy growth mindset in turning opportunities into action.

We offer live masterclasses and workshops, and also online programmes – plus various coaching options.

If you would like to discuss how we can design a programme to meet the needs of your customer insight team, please contact David Smith.