October 11, 2018

DVL Smith and Excellence Tools support the MRS SME Initiative

David Smith has been part of the Market Research Society Working Party looking at how to make market research more accessible to the smaller business sector. One major outcome of the initiative has been the creation of a Market Research Society Research for Small Business website.

On Research for Small Business, David Smith provides an expert tutorial around seven key marketing issues that small businesses must address, together with explaining how simple low-cost market research can be used to address each of these issues. You can watch David’s video here: The Top 7 Must-Have Marketing Tools.

The seven marketing principles that David refers to in his video are based on the seven topics that are tackled in DVL Smith’s Excellence Tools new Online Programme for Small Businesses: The Start-up Success Blueprint – Seven Excellence Tools for Small Businesses. For details of this programme, please visit Excellence Tools or email David Smith.

David has also compiled a new Free Guide on this topic: The Top 7 Must-Have Marketing Tools for Small Business

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