DVL Smith to launch a new capability building programme: The High Performance Customer Insight Professional

DVL Smith will be launching its High-Performance Customer Insight Professional capability building programme in the New Year. There is a module in the programme on Sensemaking: how to combine evidence to build a holistic picture of the customer. There is also a module on Story Building: how to construct an integrated narrative. And there is an Influencer module: how to overcome any barriers or resistance to the implementation of insight. The programme provides a step-by-step guide to help take customer insight professionals to the next level.

We are pleased to report that one of the key frameworks in the programme – our holistic framework for building an integrated picture of the evidence – has been adopted by Dr Keith Meadows in his article on Interpreting Patient Reported Outcomes to be published in International Clinical Trials (ICT) Magazine.

To find out more, click here or email David Smith.

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