September 10, 2018

MRS Financial Services Conference – 15th Nov 18

At the upcoming Market Research Society’s Financial Services Conference David Smith, Adam Riley, and Stuart Baker of MetLife will be reviewing the changes taking place to the structure of the UK economy and labour market. We will be asking the question about whether the term SME is still fit for purpose. Specifically, we will argue that – as 99% of businesses fall within this SME category plus more people working on their own account in the GiG economy – we now need to have a radical rethink about the way we categorise and support businesses.

Currently the term leads to rather homogenous cliched, stereotypic thinking about what solutions government should be providing for small and medium sized business sector. We argue that a much more tailored solution urgently needed to address the vastly different needs of types of SME. This new thinking would also be beneficial to businesses marketing to SMEs where there is now more of a need to focus on the needs and motivations of businesses, rather than just classifying them by employee size and industry sector.

If you would like to discuss this issue, contact [email protected]

UPDATE: The slides for this presentation are available here.

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