Insight Consultancy Power Skills

In this programme participants can select those elements of the customer insight professional’s craft where advanced mastery is required.

Module One: The problem crystalliser and analytical thinker
We look at the analytical skills needed to identify the true phenomenon behind an issue and how to provide a laser-like focus on in solving this problem.

Module Two: The insight detective
We unpack the skill of what is truly a powerful insight capable of changing behaviour.

Module Three: The insight guru
How insights can be applied to change customer behaviour and build a customer-centric organisation.

Module Four: Master insight communicator
Leading edge ways of driving the insight agenda within the organisation.

Module Five: Insight change agent
The skill of identifying strategic foresights to shape change.

Module Six: High performance insight consultant
How to build and lead customer insight teams.

Module Seven: Specialist deep-dive toolbag
DVL Smith has specific methodological and business sector experience: talk to us about how we can provide in depth training in these key areas.

If you would like further information about the programme, please contact David Smith