Skills Development

We provide leading edge programmes for internal, in-house, client service teams and agency professionals.

The success of our programmes is based on three key principles:

Accessible mind-sized units of training
We have easy to access units that gradually build to make a transformational difference.

Action and experience based
We provide lots of practical illustrations and examples, inviting individuals to plan their Best Next Move for a project.

Follow-on coaching to make the new skill a habit
We stay involved to encourage individuals convert their new skills into new habits.

A bespoke programme for your team

Talk to us about how we can create a blended learning programme for your team.

We offer:
– Live workshops for small or large groups
– Online programmes that are easy to access
– E-coaching and live coaching

A Primer in ‘New’ Marketing Intelligence

We provide a primer in new market research: what today’s customer insight professional newcomer needs to know to become a key part of the insight team.

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The High Performance Customer Insight Professional

Insight Sensemaker, Story Builder and Influencer: Transform customer insight professionals’ ability to make sense of data, build the insight story and make insights count.

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Insight Consultancy Power Skills

This programme is aimed at customer insight professionals who want to take their performance and capabilities to the next level to ensure their insights drive business growth and profitability.
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