The key to our success as a strategic marketing consultancy is that we know how to identify what makes people ‘tick’ and how to use these insights to help our clients drive growth and profitability.

This technical research expertise is reflected in the fact that Dr David Smith was one of the pioneers of the Market Research Society Diploma in Market Research and has been acknowledged for his contribution to the development of market research techniques by ESOMAR – being awarded the John Downham Award for Excellence in Marketing Intelligence.

Quantitative Credentials

During DVL Smith’s 25 year history we have conducted a wide range of surveys – using face-to-face, postal, telephone and on-line methodologies. Much of the work we do is international in scope – and we conduct studies in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Qualitative Credentials

The qualitative research team is led by Dr David Smith, who, in addition to being a director of DVL Smith, is a Professor at the University of Hertfordshire Business School. David is a graduate member of the British Psychological Society and holds a PhD in Psychology.

Our projects have covered a wide range of audiences from high net worth individuals, shoppers, surgeons, SME business owners, through to large corporate decision makers.