How best to showcase the value of investing in insight – ESOMAR Berlin Congress 2018

Following the presentation by David Smith and BV Pradeep of Unilever at the ESOMAR Berlin Congress 2018 on how to showcase the investment in insight, a video of this session is now available from ESOMAR.

The presentation identified six key themes that the project team, led by David Smith, will be incorporating into a White Paper on the subject of how best to showcase the investment in insight.

Theme one centres on making sure insight is positioned as future proofing the organisation.

The second theme centres around making sure the insight team has access to all of the consumer data, so it can build insight based on a 360-degree picture of consumers.

The third theme is around ensuring insight works in close tandem – has a clear line of sight to – strategists within the organisation, so that the insight team can put the focus on strategic change.

The fourth theme is about demonstrating the value of insight using an eclectic mix of measures. These include using available benchmarks about what constitutes high performance. They also include using, where appropriate, concrete impact (ROI style) techniques to measure just how successful particular insight projects have been. But most importantly, a powerful strand of the assessment consists of building and disseminating compelling case study success stories demonstrating how insight can operate in the role of future-proofing an organisation and deliver strategic foresights.

The fifth theme centres on building the capabilities of insight professionals. This is about going beyond being data analysts into becoming sensemakers, able to make sense of multiple sources of evidence. It is about going beyond simply giving presentations into becoming storytellers, able to paint a picture of how this insight will build growth into the future. It is about being an influencer, a consultant able to deal with any resistance to the implementation and activation of powerful insights.

The final theme is around what we need to do as an industry to build our belief in our insight craft and to have confidence – in a way that creates credibility and belief – around how we now operate in the new customer insight paradigm.

For more information on the development of the White Paper and to share your views, contact David Smith.

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