New Book: The High Performance Customer Insight Professional

DVL Smith’s new book The High Performance Customer Insight Professional: How to make sense of the evidence, build the story and turn insights into action is out now, available on Amazon UK and Amazon US in paperback and Kindle formats.

The High Performance Customer Insight Professional provides newcomers to customer insight with three of the key core skills they need for high performance in the new customer insight era.

Sensemaking: Being able to make sense of multiple sources of evidence in order to identify critical business opportunities. It is about building the capability to be the wide angle lens of the organisation.

Constructing compelling insight narratives: Being a powerful storyteller in order to communicate key insight based business opportunities. This is about how to influence stakeholders and get them to recognise the commercial value of key insight opportunities.

High performance consultancy skills in order to land insight opportunities: A practical guide to acquiring the habits of being a high performance consultant – able to frame the decision choices for stakeholders, address any barriers that stand in the way of powerful insights that will build this business growth being actioned.

Visit Amazon for your copy of The High Performance Customer Insight Professional book.

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