Eat That Frog Before Breakfast

Successful entrepreneurs know all about eating that frog before breakfast, doing first the things they know are most critical to business success – even though they may not like doing them.

They will make sure that during the first 90 minutes of their working day they tackle all of the key issues they need to look at to drive their business forward. They won’t let their inbox drive the agenda for the day – and get deflected into lots of inconsequential tasks that do not help them build their business.

They will have total clarity around the must-do tasks that need to be actioned immediately as opposed to nice-to-do activities that should receive a lower priority. At the top of their things-to-do list each morning will be marketing their business and making sure they are generating a flow of new customers.

Successful entrepreneurs do not procrastinate by putting off getting started on an idea because they feel that have not totally perfected an idea: entrepreneurs laugh in the face of perfection!

They know to get underway, constantly experiment with an idea, and when this is good enough, get in the game. They build the plane as they fly it: refining the idea on a rolling basis. They also have the persistency and tenacity to follow through when things don’t go according to plan, learn their lesson, correct things and pick themselves up for the next phase.

This is one of the tips for entrepreneurs that DVL Smith is including in its upcoming book – ‘The Entrepreneur Mindset: A practical guide for aspiring entrepreneurs’.

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