Questions to ask yourself each day to maintain consistent high-performance

In researching what makes for a successful entrepreneur when preparing my latest book – The Entrepreneur Mindset: The art of making ideas happen – one feature that stood out was their commitment to consistent excellence. It’s not about occasionally being able to pull it out if the bag, it is about knowing how to consistently deliver excellence. It is about building high performance habits.

In this article, I’ve outlined seven questions that aspiring entrepreneurs, and colleagues in the world of insight, might consider asking themselves to cultivate consistent high performance.

ONE: Am I always focused on what matters most and consistently acting with purpose and intentionality throughout the day to achieve my goals?

It’s easy to have spells where we drift off message and become satisfied with just being busy.

TWO: Do I consistently bring forensic intellectual energy to my game? When faced with a challenge do I provide accurate high-quality thinking?

It’s easy to slip into autopilot and fall back on familiar default thinking.  

THREE: Do I consistently, through the day, work hard enough to tune out the crazy makers who could eat away at my most precious asset – my time?

You need protect those magical moments where you can focus without fear of energy vampires, time-robbers and crazy-makers throwing you off course.

FOUR: Do I always take responsibility for stepping up to the plate to take the action that is in everyone’s best interest?

Be honest with yourself about any lapses in the day when deep down you knew you had the best master executive vision on this issue but failed to offer yourself up as the person who would sort this.

FIVE: Am I working hard enough at providing concise, clear, memorable communications that do justice to my ideas?

Steve Jobs said that ideas that are not actioned are simply regrets. Great ideas won’t magically materialise without consistent messaging.

SIX: Am I always open to critique and feedback?

When things are going smoothly it’s easy to start slavishly believing in your own advertising and to think you’re infallible. This is a mistake. So consistently engage with a critical friend for a reality check to ensure you haven’t drifted off on a frolic of your own – a fantasy that’s never going to work.

SEVEN: Do I regularly ask myself where I need to up my knowledge and skill?

High performing entrepreneurs are honest about what they need to improve to make sure that things that went wrong today don’t happen again tomorrow. Ongoing improved competence creates a virtuous circle of enhanced confidence.

I  hope you found these ideas  on building consistency into your high performance game helpful. There are more practical tips in my book The Entrepreneur Mindset: The art of making ideas happen available on Amazon.

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